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Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Punkmas!!!

Lou here,

First of all we would like to once again thank B! and Nik for their dedication to The Teens. They both have an endless supply of energy and are punk to their very cores (regardless of what they wear.) They have both taken it upon themselves to try and catalog the various BOOTLEGS we've seen throughout the midwest.

B! invites you all to send copies or scans to him at the following addresses:

Post Mail: B. Wilkison, PO Box 40352, Indianapolis IN 46240-0352
E-mail: theinkslinger@mac.com

Nik says that even if you have or plan to bootleg the comic and want to send us a copy...feel free. Thievery is the greatest source of flattery.

Here is what we believe to be the fabled first bootleg. We call it The Red Cover Edition. Looks like it was just copied on a crappy copier. The paper is thin and there are no liner notes on the inside front cover. The pin-up of me is also missing. (That's an improvement in my opinion.) The authograph page is also missing and in its place a low res copy of J.C. Filer's depiction of the band. This edition first appeared about three months after the original's release in August.

So, keep those cards and letters and bootlegs coming folks! Speaking of cards, the band posed for B! to draw the band members individual Xmas cards this year. So, Merry Punkmas!!!

B! is selling the originals...I think he said they ar $40 a pop but, you can get all four for $150. I think he used watercolour (B! likes to experiment with different body fluids when he paints with watercolours, so you'll have to contact him to know for sure.) Just drop him a line at one of the addresses above. The prints measure 7" X 10" and generally kick punk ass from here to Nebraska!!!


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