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Friday, August 11, 2006

Flip can read, can you!

Basically the only reason for this post is to keep you all from seeing Flip's last comments on the previous post. The Bottom Lounge use to be one of the hottest, sweatiest rooms in the windy city. Back in the day many bands opened for themselves, sans the lead singer. If you didn't, a band like the teens could usually show up with our gear and play the opening spot. Who knew the place would ever vanish? Not a good sign! But, the teens have weathered the death of punk many times over and live to tell the tale. I found an alternate venue and that's all that matters. So there, Flip!

That said, we wanted to thank B! for letting us hijack his blogspot and introduce us to his art cronies. J.C. Filer offers up this great pic of the TEENS...

Hey, B! We may have hired the wrong artist.



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