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Saturday, August 05, 2006


We thought it was cool!
They thought it was cool!
But, the votes are in and the indication seems to be that you thought is was cool as well.

Thanks to all of our fans, old and new, for supporting the true independent spirit of punk music. For the past 24 year, the Expendable Teens have been rocking out to the beat of their own drummer...albeit, Flip! But thanks to the fans we have never and I mean NEVER had to sell out. Like I said before, the music you get comes directly from us, no labels no BMI or other bullshit...just straight forward punk rock music from the heart.

How do we do it. With your help, their hasn't been a gig in the past 15 years that hasn't been fully catered by the few dedicated fans in the midwest that kept our bellies full and our hearts light. Now a whole new generation of fans seem to be getting into the legend of the TEENS thanks to Nik Havert and B. Wilkison. Those boys are spot on in both spirit and good old fashioned know how. They know their audience. They printed just enough Expendable Teens UNLIMITED EDITION mini comics to distribute at this years Wizard World in Chicago without blowing the bank or disappointing any fans. A big comicbook convention, for the midwest they tell me...I've never heard of it, but then again, most people have never heard of us...hey, sounds like our kind of crowd.

Nik and Bill wanted me to give praise to one fan who summed up the spirit of the TEENS in just a few words. After purchasing the mini comic for a mere $1 he turned to the splash page (I like this term, but I have know idea what it means) he exclaimed:

"This page alone is worth more than a dollar." - Johnny Eppich

So, if any of you punk rock zombie loving fans want to get in on this we want to hear more. Next year marks our 25th anniversary and we want to give the fans every inch of fun for their hard earned money! We really appreciate it. And as always, don't blow smoke up our ass. If you hate us, or the comic, let us know that too. We already have your dollar...so, piss off.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when I got home, this morning, I showed the mini comic to a few friends who loved it, as well.

8:59 PM  
Blogger The Inkslinger said...

Yeah, it's better than getting kicked in the teeth!

9:49 PM  

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