Expendable Teens


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hey, punks!!!

Lou here.

Scuz smashed up his noise pretty bad practicing his stage diving off the edge of the bathtub. You might think this was a bit dim on his part, but given that at the time there were more people in the bathroom than have attended our gigs as of late and that the bathroom is actually bigger than most of the venues we've played...it sounded like a good idea.

So, recording has been put on hiatus until Scuz regains that nasal quality you've all grown to hate!

In the mean time we are talking to some artist to come up with an album cover suitable for print. Kind of difficult as we are either going to call the ALBUM Show Me Your Pantylines or Raped By a Sea Turtle. We might open this up to a contest...artist choice...more dets to follow.

Got to go clean up the blood...if you don't clean it up within 24 hours it stains the ceiling!


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