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Friday, August 11, 2006

Paint It Bleck

Hey, Flip here. Did you all see us at Lollapalooza in Chicago's Grant Park on August 5th?

No? Why not?


That's right, screw Perry Ferrell and all those corporate ass clowns who think they're the best thing since individually wrapped slices of cheese. If you wanted to see REAL punk rock that doesn't charge fans a few pints of blood and a couple hundred bucks for a whole weekend of posers, emo crap, and warm bottled water, you were at the gig at the old Schlotsky's Deli on Division Street at 1:00am, where we rocked the freakin' house 'til about 1:45 when Chicago's finest came to kick us out because we didn't have the right permit to rent the building for the night. Thanks, Lou.

But those who were there saw something special. Scuz was soaked with Old Style when he told the fans he hadn't showered in two days, Athena kissed some girl and then kicked her boyfriend in the nuts, Willy did an improptu solo during "Show Me Your Pantylines" that incorporated the Benny Hill theme (which got the whole place moshing and just about every girl flashing her rack), and I cracked a symbol during "Prom Night Disaster" (the B-side to "I Forgot My Calculator"), but I may keep it for a future track. It has this cool, quick fade sound that I like.

We're probably headed south for a little while toward Indianapolis and maybe Kentucky and Tennessee. I can't wait to see how those southern folks take to a mohawked black man with arms as thick as the Guns of Navarone.

Flip out!


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