Expendable Teens


Monday, November 20, 2006

Beware of Bootlegs!

Lou here!

It has come to our attention that since we introduced The Expendable Teens mini-comic in August many people have started to bootleg the comic. Apparently there are a number of these copies out there. One in particular has a red cover I am told.

The Teens are kind of on the fence as what to do about the issue. We have never been ones to really stake claim to ANYTHING. I protect their image simply to avoid them being exploited. We don't feel that the bootlegs go as far as to exploit the Teens, but we do feel that there is no need to bootleg something that is readily available and in unlimited supply.

Since we haven't posted for awhile, here is some file footage of the teens on a trip we took out west. I think this is New Mexico or Arizona...I think it's the TEENS but I can't be sure. There were a couple of bands on the tickets. It could be The Queers...in any event, good show!


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