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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The boys are back at it!

We just bought a full-page ad in the book Scared Ya by Havert/Wilkison and Filer. We've known the boys for awhile and we like that they don't mind our on again off again schedule of recording, touring and promotion. We asked both Nik and Bill to give us a hand with the ad. Athena and Willy are super geeks when it comes to mags like Circus and Creem. So we had an idea for an ad and the boys did a great job. You'll have to buy a copy of the comic in order to see it though.

The boys have been pitching us for a follow-up to the highly successful KEZG mini-comic and we finally said yes after seeing Bill's new work on the ad. We always loved his Rockheads! stuff. "Don't Plunder My Booty" will be out later this year. Our upcoming album ("Spam Necklace") will also be coming out later...

Jaimie Filer (who did one of the first bootlegs of the original Teens comic) is also a big fan who collects concert flyers. Turns out he has a few from some shows we did in the late 90's. We hope others out there have a similar interest and share those with us as well. We are going to start posting some here but we might not be able to get to that until June.

Until them, look forward to some new merch...

Guitar Picks
we might do another t-shirt if you're lucky

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