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Friday, June 22, 2007

Holy Crap! I'm totally freaking out!

I Like Kicking You in the Face (released October 01, 1979 – vinyl only).
Track listing: (1.) I Like Kicking You in the Face (2.) Gimmie the Finger (3.) American Occupation (4.) Music to Creep By (5.) Tangled Desire
Credits: Scuz – Lead vocals / Willy – Guitars, theremin on “Music to Creep By” / Athena – Bass, lead vocal on “Gimme the Finger” / Flip – Drums / All songs written by the Expendable Teens

B! here:

Incredibly big thanks to B.R. Styne of Royal Oak, Michigan for sending this scan of the EXTREMELY RARE "I like kicking you in the face" album cover. Unfortunatly B. R. lost the album shortly after he purchased it back in 1980 when he left it in the car on a hot summer day.

B. R. says, "My mom threw it away because I left it in the car and it melted one extremely hot summer day in July, 1980. I never even got the chance to listen to it! Luckily she had the presence of mind to keep the album cover, which may be the only reason I purchased it in the first place, I mean, look at it?! I was twleve at the time and I had already gone through my Cheryl Teigs phase and needed something a little harder."

This album is incredible for several reasons:
1. Both Side A and Side B contain the same track listing.
2. The album was covered in a faux astro-turf type substance that Scuz tells me "would rub off and get all over everything...it was a mess!"
3. Even though it was recorded in STEREO...The Teens recorded it so that it would only play out of the left speaker.

RUMOR (That THE TEENS will not confirm or deny.) The first fifty pressings of the album had the photo of the cheerleader sans panties! However, a pair of thin white cotton panties were used as the inner sleeve. I wonder what B.R.'s mom would have thought of that?!

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