Expendable Teens


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"This page alone is worth more than a dollar!"

That's what Johnny Eppich said about the Expendable Teens: Limited Edition last year. He was commenting on the Kitten Eating Zombie Grandmas splash page.

While Nik, Lou, The Teens and I work out the details of an official "online edition" you can get started on your very own bootleg by sending one dollar to The Inkslinger:

Post Mail: B. Wilkison, PO Box 40352, Indianapolis IN 46240-0352
E-mail: theinkslinger@mac.com

Remember to include your name and address and I will be more than happy to send you a copy. This is merely a good faith gesture and will cover the costs of any shipping and handling. Remember, once you make a bootleg version they are yours to sell. Just make sure you credit Nik Havert and myself (B. Wilkison) as creators and include this site: expendableteens.blogspot.com

Lou would like nothing more than to see dozens if not hundreds of bootlegs in circulation, but as he told me this afternoon: "It's like we say at our shows, the difference between bootlegging and stealing is worth the price of addmission."


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