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Monday, April 28, 2008

Scuz on the Barbie

Hey, fans. Sorry for the long delay in posting, but we're still touring Down Under. The band loves it down here, mainly because these folks know how to party, and they love rock and roll. We did a six-show tour of Tasmania and then took a break in Auckland, New Zealand to work on more tracks for "Spam Necklace." I'm happy to say that all the demos are finally laid down and the band has started refining things here and there.

We've taken some time to enjoy the sights. Flip is still trying to figure out Australian rules football after we met up with a team at a pub in Marlborough. Scuz spilled what looked like a gallon of Foster's on the team captain. The whole team got up in one motion. It was like watching Tom Brady being rushed by the Giants' defensive line. Scuz got knocked through a door that we thought led to the kitchen, but actually led to the pub basement. A pub crawler snapped the shot of Scuz after he came to a halt on the landing.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep calm things down before Willy and I are crushed by these Kiwi bruisers. Before I can plead our case, Athena slugs the team captain across a table and Flip is standing in the door to the basement telling them they'll have to go through him to get to Scuz. They were ready to try when the captain got up and said he'd "never had a Shiela hit him like that before."

The next thing I know, he's buying her a drink and the team's helping Scuz up the stairs! I tell you, these Kiwis are some of the craziest people I've met. The team even offered to bounce, for only the price of free tickets, at our show in Hawkes Bay! Come see us if you're free May 2nd. If not, we'll be in Gisbourne on the 4th. This whole incident was the inspiration for "Marlborough Pub Fight" - the last track on "Spam Necklace."

After this tour, it's back to the States to put the finishing touches on "Spam Necklace." I got an e-mail from one of our Indiana superfans, Nik Havert, saying that he and the other Indiana superfan, Bill Wilkison, are working on a new comic about the Teens. We're looking forward to seeing it, and there's supposedly another bootleg (this one from Texas) of the original comic floating around out there. We haven't seen it yet, but Nik said he has seen the cover and it looks like some sort of weird collage art remix.

For all of you who have been asking, here's the track listing for "Spam Necklace":

Spam Necklace (currently recording, release date to be announced): (1.) Beer and Ice Cream (2.) I’m in Love with Sylvia Saint (3.) Let’s Watch Porn (4.) Spam Necklace (5.) I’m Not from Around Here (6.) Cooties (7.) 747 Straight to Hell (8.) Journey to Han’s Island (9.) Gorilla Librarian (10.) It’s a Mess (11.) Disturbed (12.) Texas Grapefruit (13.) Surf & Turf (14.) Marlborough Pub Fight
Credits: Scuz – Lead vocals (except for “It’s a Mess”), beer bottles on “Beer and Ice Cream” / Willy – Guitars, backing vocals on “Beer and Ice Cream,” “Let’s Watch Porn,” and “Marlborough Pub Fight” / Athena – Bass, backing vocals on “Beer and Ice Cream,” “Let’s Watch Porn,” “Texas Grapefruit,” and “Marlborough Pub Fight” / Flip – Drums, lead vocal on “It’s a Mess,” backing vocals on “Beer and Ice Cream,” “Let’s Watch Porn,” and “Marlborough Pub Fight.”

Stay rockin'.



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