Expendable Teens


Friday, June 29, 2007

Mad-Libs invade Expendable Teens


I had no idea the extent they went to make this bootleg!

When Willy discribed it to me it sounded like someone had just taken white out and rewritten Nik's script. But this is a full on Mad-Libs infusion. Write down to the adjectives, past tense verbs and plural nouns. You got to see it to believe it! We're feverishly bootlegging the bootleg to have for fans at this years InConJunction next weekend in Indianapolis.

(One small, and I do mean small, critisicm. Some of the Mad-Libs directives are so tiny they might not copy well.)

But take a look at the cover! As Johnny Eppich would say, "This page alone is worth a dollar."
The original cover art is not in color. Black ink on Neon Green paper (which we will faithfully reproduce.)

I wanted to see what it would look like done up in all it's Mad-Libs glory. And my oh my....happy Fourth of July everybody!

See ya in the pits...



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