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Thursday, July 05, 2007

You say you want a revolution?!

Best bootleg EVER!

Whoever is responsible for this bootleg was a fool for not including a return address. I couldn't make out the postmark either! By the same token I'm totally stoked that they committed so fully to THE WHITE EDITION! The cover is only the beginning (done on a nice thick cardstock). They sent us 15 copies in pristine condition. This person (or people) really did their homework. (When we bootleg the bootlegs we usually print 15...the exact number of tickets The Teens sold for their first concert.) Interestingly the credit page replaces the pin-up page in this edition but is a copy of the original credit page.

When we decided to call the first story UNLIMITED EDITION it was merely a play on words and a stab and the comic book industry that tried to take advantage of fans by offering "limited editions" just to turn and burn an alternate copy including "never before seen pages" then dump it all in a trade paperback three months later. When the first bootleg appeared three months after we released UNLIMITED EDITION Nik and I must admit we were a bit pissed off...then Lou Easi, manager of the TEENS, got us on the phone and made it clear that UNLIMITED EDITION was far more than a clever play on words. He told us that it was a self fulfilling prophecy and that the fans of The Teens would insure that the comic would always be made available in UNLIMITED quantities. Seeing the original credit page in this edition with the words UNLIMITED EDITION it really hit home what Nik and I were able to add to The Teens legacy and we thank them whole heartedly for letting us tell their story.

As for "THE WHITE EDITION", like I said there is something VERY SPECIAL in the pages of this unassuming cover! It's kind of what Nik and I had in mind when we wrote it. Well, one of the things we had in mind, anyway!

"We're more famous than The Beatles...and they were more famous that Jesus Christ...so, #*@% ?&!." -Scuz, 1994


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