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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey y'all, we have a new album coming out! The crazy part is that it was unplanned.

On a recent trip back to Toronto to see some old friends of mine, a pal gave me a recording he'd made of a gig we played at the Bovine Sex Club back in 2004. It was part of this punk rock show called the Ides of March. I think we were on the bill with two other bands, but damn if he or I can remember who they were (Sorry to whoever you were!).

It turned out the recording was pretty damn good. It's low-fi mono, but it's still a nice bootleg. I played it for the rest of the band and for Lou and we all decided to make it an official release. We're calling it Ban(ne)d in Canada. Here's the track listing:

(1.) Intro by Lou Easi (2.) Rama Is Coming (3.) “Athena tells a dirty joke” (4.) I Know Victoria’s Secret (5.) “Scuz invites a girl backstage” (6.) In the Tub with Marilyn (7.) Waitin’ at Rhonda’s Corner (8.) “Flip fixes a snare head while Scuz talks about Toronto strip bars” (9.) Savage She-Male (10.) Loving You Is Like an Ice Pick in My Skull (11.) “Willy hates the I-Robot movie” (12.) Three-Headed Hydra (13.) Devil Whiskey (14.) Las Mujeres Vampiro (15.) One Night Stand (16.) “Someone buys Scuz a Labatt Blue” (17.) I Like Kicking You in the Face (18.) Point of No Return

I broke the snare head during "Rhonda's Corner" and I'd forgotten about Scuz telling how he loves strip clubs in Toronto because the girls work hard for the money. The album will be released later this summer (probably August) once we finish up the album art.

We are working on new old stuff - a 45rpm single. When was the last time anyone did that? The A-side is "Pussy on a Leash" with Athena on lead vocals. The B-side is "You Can Come Over (but You Can't Babysit)." We're only going to sell it at live shows, just like in the old days.

We're doing a lot of Midwest gigs. Quick shout to The Catburglars. Great show @ Ronny's (I doubt we'll ever release those tapes...but, please tell me someone recorded that show!!!)

See y'all on the flip side.



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