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Sunday, May 31, 2009

When it rains, it rocks!!!

Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden the EXPENDABLE TEENS are in high gear. I haven't seen them this jizzed in years. I think the grind of the studio this past year, false starts and salt farts not withstanding, has made them a bit restless. Nostalgia and excitement about SPAM NECKLACE has brought a lot of bands back to us and new bands that have only heard the stories.

Our last show in Detroit we felt bad that we did not include a link to our rock brothers the DRAG STRIPPERS, sorry boys...

We played a show on Thursday night in Columbus OHIO @ Skully's with some far out dudes named THE MOOPS! Even though Skuz was rude and obnoxious to you boys...I can tell you that it really revitalized him!!! Keep it up!!! You've got what it takes. (which is a flaming paper bag full of dog crap...cherish it)

I should mention that Willy went down to Used Kids (he swears he will be doing a WEEKLY WILLY'S WROUND-UP of classic vinyl from his collection) and snapped a few crappy pics of "the door". He couldn't locate any of the stickers from back in the day...all the stickers have been stuck several times over at this point...and just as he was to peel a new sticker he noticed someone had already beat him to it. Good job Columbus!!!

We are grabbing dinner before the big show (no opener) at Inferno tonight here in Madison Wisconsin. Hope to see you all there (or dead!)



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